Glinter --- The PyOpenGL interface

What is Glinter?

Glinter is a GUI toolkit for PyOpenGL and Python. It uses PyOpenGL (more specifically, the GLUT portion) to produce GUI elements such as Buttons and Frames. For those familiar with OpenGL programming, this toolkit is similar in concept to the GLUI toolkit in that it uses GLUT for its windowing calls. But, its programming syntax and stylisms are most like Tkinter. Hence the name, Glinter. The best is, if you have PyOpenGL 2.0 installed, that's all you need to run Glinter.


Where do I get it?

The project page is here. From here you can look at the CVS page amongst other things. There are no released packages yet. The system just isn't functional enough. But, it is functional. Basically, the CVS distribution will run and is usable.

Items of interest:

All of the core code is in:
The rest (,, etc.) are pretty self explanatory. is nothing more than a railway station for the rest of the code. Take a look at to see the syntax for use. This is, of course, only a preliminary syntax. The geometry system is rather incomplete, but will get better in time.

Items for discussion/development: Logo